Pie Are Square & Birds Like Butter All Over the Moon

Even if you’re tired of my yapping about AI (artificial intelligence) and the images it can generate, you may enjoy this post.

Generated by HuggingFace (Dall-E mini)

I read somewhere that giving the AI processors clear instructions often backfires but giving them vague or wackadoodle ones may work better. After trying unsuccessfully for 15 minutes to get a face with exactly three eyes I thought I’d take a break and try the wackadoodle route.  “Pie Are Square” – above – was the first attempt. I intentionally asked for “pie.” That’s not a typo. I guess the AI isn’t a fan of puns, though, because it gave me 7 square pies, 1 oval pie, and 1 square crust. I told it to try again and this showed up:

Generated by HuggingFace (Dall-E mini)

Bingo! AI “got” the pie/pi thing. That’s something!

Here’s the next one:

Generated by NightCafé Studio

“Birds Like Butter All Over the Moon” didn’t go as well. When I typed the text I could imagine the scene in my mind but the AI doesn’t do that (I guess) because it gave me the surreal and off-base image above. In it I see one giant bird with feathers that suggest the moon’s surface and a blob of something yellow that might be butter. Or half a squash? Up in the sky? Maybe. The mystery, though, is the black shapes in the foreground. Where did they come from? Not birds, not butter, not moon. But I’m not disappointed – it’s a fascinating image. Wackadoodle good!

7 thoughts on “Pie Are Square & Birds Like Butter All Over the Moon

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  1. Sounds like fun, dear Robin! Regarding the ‘black shapes in the foreground’, perhaps this was an effort to generate a place where birds might consume butter – a bird feeder?

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  2. I’m going to admit, the Birds pic is pretty scary, lol. Like, it gives me an aura of darkness, absence, and silence. Though maybe that was a great effort on the AI’s part to go along with the theme of moon. Interesting explorations here. Thanks for sharing!

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