“Cracked Colors”

“Cracked Colors” – Click through to see larger image (©️Robin King)

“Cracked Colors” is a digital painting that I originally planned to restrict to a blue-purple-pink palette, but it soon burst out of those constraints and went wild with all the colors of the rainbow. Sometimes art has a mind of its own – and I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS!


You can find “Cracked Colors” in my Shop on Redbubble on an array of products, including bags, home decor, accessories, cards, and prints.

©️Robin King

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Robin King

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12 thoughts on ““Cracked Colors””

  1. I got the notebook yesterday in the mail, it is AWESOME!!!! They did a good job, the cover is beautiful with your PITCH design, and the quality is great! I promise to think of you every time I see it! ☺ I know what you mean, I get a little rush when I see the email “You made a sale”!!! ❤

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    1. You got it! YAY! And it looks good? WONDERFUL news!! Thank you, Tiffany!! I’m still floating on air about getting a sale! And it’s especially lovely to know the person who chose it. You’re such a fine artist – I’m honored. I hope you enjoy using the notebook! ♥️🥰♥️

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  2. Wow, Robin, I LOVE this design!!!! I know, I say that about all of your images, but this is extra bright, and for whatever reason, it speaks to me! I recently ordered one of your designs in a spiral notebook, (I think it is called “Pitch”) a gift to myself! ☺

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    1. THAT WAS YOU!?! Omigosh, Tiffany! (((((thank you hugs))))) I nearly fainted when I saw there was a sale! You made me so happy! I hope RB’s printer source does a great job with it! Please please tell me if there’s anything odd. Wow! Thank you! 🥰 And thank you about this one, too! It’s one of my favorites – made it a while ago. It always make me smile. 🙃

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    1. Hi! Oh, gosh – no. In fact, it’s from 2010. I was doing a lot of really bright stuff back then, until someone referred to most of what I made as garish. I cut way back on the bright and wild mixesright away. But I love bright colors & couldn’t stay away so a couple of years ago I decided to just use them. It’s fun! And it makes my eyes happy. Thank you! 🥰

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