Street Photography: “The Old House in the Trees”

“The Old House in the Trees” (@Robin King)

“The Old House in the Trees” is one of my favorite “street” photographs. I shot it with a small camera, long ago. To get the picture I had to pull my car off the narrow, shoulder-less, two-lane, hilly, twisting road and crunch my way through snow for a safe place to stand. When a delivery truck approached at the top of the hill I could see that my car would block its passage. I waved and smiled. The driver pointed at my car. I held up my camera and smiled again. The driver checked his rear view mirror, turned on his flasher lights, got out of his truck, and stood in the street to stop any other traffic from bothering me. I took a few shots, different angles and lighting, then thanked him. He waited patiently while I got back into my car and pulled back onto the road. We both waved, and I left.


The last time I did much “street photography” was ten years ago. I’ve started again and will share my progress here. In the meantime, if you’re interested you can find some of my photography and photographic manipulation in my Shop on Redbubble.

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12 thoughts on “Street Photography: “The Old House in the Trees””

    1. Hi! Yes, he was very kind – and patient! It’s never been a super busy road. It’s the kind where the speed limit’s 10mph bec of all the crazy curves on steep hills. Thank you about the picture!!! 🥰

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    1. Hi!! Thank you!! I loved passing that house – it always had a story to tell. It may still be there. I hope so. In the spring it’s always surround by hundreds of daffodils. Thank you again!! 🥰


  1. Love this shot, and the story behind it. Really beautiful photo. Though I’m used to the city, I have such a fascination with old, especially abandoned, houses or other buildings in remote areas.

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    1. Hi, Cindy!! Thank you!! Me, too! They’re so interesting! I like old equipment, signs, dumpsters, etc., too. Do you remember that Redbubble group “Rusty, Crusty, and Falling to Bits?” I LOVED that group!! Thank you again!! 🥰

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  2. It is a beautiful photograph, dear Robin, and I enjoyed your accompanying description. I’m with you regarding noise in the city – too much and sometimes too sudden. Looking forward to more of your photography 🙂

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    1. Hi, Phil! Thank you!! That house has fascinated me for years. It looks so fragile – all those broken places in it – but it’s survived thru many storms and some flooding (I think, bec there’s a small stream near it that sometimes floods). I’ve heard that parts of it were built in the late 1600’s but I don’t know for sure. And ((hugs)) to you, for even thinking about cities! LOL – when I need to stay awake all I have to do is remember city-sounds of honking cars and air breaks (?) on buses and car alarms. No chance of drifting off to sleep! 🙃 I’m editing a “street” shot from October, hoping to post it soon. Thank you again!! 🥰

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