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Redbubble’s 16th birthday is approaching and, to celebrate that, they’re having a site-wide sale.

They’ve changed a lot over those sixteen years, in mostly good – sometimes excellent! – ways. But, like other teenagers, their recent decisions can baffle and disappoint observers.

However: I’ve been there since the beginning and plan to stick with them, making adjustments as I’m able.

One adjustment was a big one. I decided to “re-brand” my Shop (and me). How? New avatar, new header, and a clear-out of posted work that doesn’t fit with Redbubble’s new customer base or their new business plans. I’ve made changes in this WordPress site, too.

While I have no plans to attempt making fan art or more age-skewed pieces, I am going to focus on digital and traditional collage work, the bright colors/textures I love, and custom-made paper fonts.

If you have a Redbubble Shop and don’t usually read their financial reports you may want to take a look at this one because the topics discussed represent substantive changes:

Click to access 1HFY23-Results-Conference-Call-Transcript.pdf

If you don’t want to click on that link, here’s the page it came from:


Oh! One last thing for now. Here’s part of my new Shop look:

(Click thru image to Shop)

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