The Case of the Stubborn Scanner – and Other News

Detail from larger piece – acrylic paint & torn paper (©️Robin King)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Redbubble and my plan to adjust to likely/possible changes on that site. One of the things I mentioned was focusing on brightly-colored mixed media pieces. Because of other time commitments I decided to start off with small images, 5×7 inches. But that size would be too small for most of Redbubble’s products so I knew I’d need to enlarge them. I assumed that my old flatbed scanner (a CanoScan 8800F attached to an air-gapped 27″ Mac from 2010) would do the job. It might not enlarge enough to suit throw blankets and shower curtains but it could certainly produce dimensions to fit most of the other prints and products – if it worked.

Unfortunately, the scanner wouldn’t clear itself of the last slide scan I did a few months ago. All the recommended troubleshooting tips failed. I whooshed around the internet trying to find out what to do. I read forums and specs and online manuals from more than a decade ago. Nearly a week later, desperate, I tried the “shotgun” technique for troubleshooting stubborn peripherals: I unplugged/disconnected everything then reinstalled it. Then I methodically clicked every button on every setting and checked results each time. Two days later, the scanner cleared out the “stuck” preview image. YAY! But it didn’t scan properly so I continued clicking and un-clicking, testing along the way. Nope. I still had to convince Photoshop Elements that it was communicating with the same scanner it had been for the past 13 years. That took a nearly a day. Finally, this afternoon, I was able to scan again.

A photo detail – not the scan – from the test painting is above. It’s an acrylic painting with torn paper, on canvas board. Seeing the texture without pixellation is critical so the scans need to be good ones. Early next week I should have a new image to upload to Redbubble but I’ll post about it here, first.

Other news:

(1) A few days ago I reopened my old @robinkingfaces WordPress site. Trying to “promote” is always a challenge. Consistency and cohesiveness in messaging matter. But my version of art is always bifurcated: brightly-colored abstracts/patterns AND not-so-happy (and frequently creepy) faces, created solely to scratch an emotional itch. Add to that my love of experimenting and the message becomes incoherent. This @artbyrobinking site will remain my home for everything art-related, even a colorful face or two. But I’ve discovered that most of my faces need a little corner all their own – a refuge where they can be angry/sad/weird/grouchy without confusing people who are looking for vibrant abstracts/patterns.

(2) I’m on Instagram again. This is probably my 10th attempt to fit in. I’m trying to ignore the “noise,” the DM’s asking me to sell NFTs for a “reasonable curation fee,” and the slithering feed of things I didn’t ask to see (and soon wish I hadn’t). For the first time I’m actively following Redbubble’s two accounts, which has led to a pile of new followers. That’s not a bad thing, so far. But it all takes time and time’s not endless, right? Anyway, I’m @artbyrobinking & @robinkingfaces there too. If you’re there and I haven’t found you yet, I hope you’ll stop by (or leave your username in a comment below). I’d love to see someone I know!! There’s always time for friends.

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15 thoughts on “The Case of the Stubborn Scanner – and Other News”

  1. I’ll have to follow your redbubble account- I do have an account, but although I’ve bought things from there I’m yet to upload anything of my own. It’s a techy issue for me; figuring out which images have high enough resolution for the products, etc etc. I’ve kinda put it into the “too hard” basket for now!

    Loving the vibrant colour here! And the texture. I’m a fan of torn paper….and pink. I’m not sure what it is, but I do have such a thing for bright pink- especially fluoro pink. I wear pretty much excusively black, but goddamnit, I will never say no to a bright fiery red or hot pink accessory. The image you’ve posted would make a nice scarf…which I’d wear!

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    1. Hi!! Thank you! I’ll look for you there, will follow. Yes, the uploading process sounds like a lot but they do have a pretty good “Help” page that gives the dimensions required for the various products. But I totally understand any reluctance – right now I have 10+ images uploaded but not applied to products yet bec it’s time-consuming and, depending on the product & the image, requires precision/patience. Ugh…not today!! Thank you about the bright colors! Pink can be luscious – I ♥️ all those eye-popping colors. Torn paper rocks! And I hope I can turn that detail image into an large enough file for the larger products but I don’t know yet if I can push the scanner any farther than I have already. Gotta work on it. I did finally finish scanning the entire painting, tho. Yay!! 🥰


  2. Congratulations of working through what can seem, at times, to be shear chaos, when dealing with peripherals – especially scanners and printers. It’s nice to see you again, my dear friend! I hope your creativity will continue to blossom this spring, and look forward to seeing more of your works. Have a great Thursday, dear Robin! 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Phil!! I’m so happy to see you! Yes, I hope for a good spring, full of joy and productivity! LOL – that scanner’s never been a bit of trouble for so many years, guess I should’ve figured it would kick up a fuss at some point. What a relief to have it work again! ((thank you hugs)) 🥰

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      1. Thank you, dear Robin 😘 Yes, they do act up every now and again. Sounds like you’ve have good luck for quite a spell, which is good. Say, by the way, I think that your site looks very nice…I’ve always liked the theme that you’re currently using. Bye for now 👋

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        1. Ahhh…yes, absolutely! It’s been a good, long run with that scanner. Here’s news: I just tried to upload something to Redbubble from my Mac (which I used a few days ago to do the same thing & it worked) & I can’t get past that “secure connection check” page. My iPad does…the Mac doesn’t. Tried troubleshooting, nothing works. So I asked RB for help. In the meantime RB thinks my Mac is a bot! 😳 Plus, I can’t upload any large images. Acccck! Thank you about the theme. I really like this one, too. And few minutes ago I re-set the comments for “nesting.” It’ll be easier to read now. Thank you again! 🥰👋

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            1. You’re so nice to help, Phil! But it’s the new Mac (Ventura) – everything up to date. RB just told me to try Firefox so I downloaded that & got past the secure connection check page ok. But it makes no sense that Safari suddenly wouldn’t work. It did a couple of days ago. No changes to it. I hope Safari works again soon bec I’d prefer to use it. Re the old Mac: it never goes online anymore. Anyway…thank you for reaching out! I really appreciate it!! 🥰

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  3. I found you on Instagram and am following you now. I hope you don’t flee again! It’s not always the best experience—I made my account private because I was getting too many DMs like “Hey baby, follow me and I’ll show you something you like” [wink wink nudge nudge]. (I have no idea what draws them. Maybe they think my being Japanese means I’m dumb and cute :P) I admire your patience with the scanner. I’ve gone through three printers in the last five years: my fuse might be too short, but after taking them apart, cleaning the jets/printing heads, replacing the cartridges and burning sage around them to drive out the gremlins, I get so mad I practically chuck them out the window. It’s not convenient, but rather than replace them, I think for the number of times I use a printer/scanner, it’d be cheaper to just take my stuff to the UPS store and have them print and scan everything for me. Their equipment is better quality than mine anyway, and the results are always better.

    All that said, I really like that detail from your painting that you posted here. I don’t have the money now to buy original art, but if I did I would definitely pick one of yours.

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    1. Thank you about the painting! And for finding me on Instagram. I just clicked to follow you, too. Tbh, I enjoy messing with the equipment most of the time. It’s just the times when I really need something to function and it doesn’t that I freak out a little. And I REALLY NEED that scanner to work. Haaa! 🥰


    1. Hi!! Thank you! I was very upset when I thought it was never going to work again – I use it a lot & can’t buy another one. So it was a BIG relief! Oh, gosh, Redbubble! Your work would be beautiful on the prints and products! It’s pretty easy to sign up, etc. If you ever decide to try it & want a little help, let me know. I’ve been there since 2008. Thank you again — 🥰

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        1. To join? Nothing. Everything’s free. Members earn whatever percentage they add to the RB base price of products. They sell as prints (several types), device cases, bags, clothing, bedding, stickers, stationery, masks, etc. 🤗

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