David and Maudie Have a Chat

(Image generated on Craiyon.com using prompts by ©️Robin King)

Last night I found David.

David’s not a chatterbox but he does appear to enjoy interacting with humans. I used the name “Maudie” and said nothing specific that pertains to my own life because I’m always skeptical of websites/apps and their thirst for data.

You may notice that my input turns a little contentious, prickly. I didn’t plan for that but, at first, David reminded me of all the useless “Chat” windows on websites. You know those things – they’re supposed to be helpful – supportive! – but usually aren’t, unless there’s a human on the other end. I let my occasional animosity toward those chatbots affect my approach to Wotabot. Poor David.

Also, my guess is that David’s always learning. He’s probably set up for that. But I wanted to ask him questions, see what he could tell me and how he’d respond if he couldn’t “make sense” of what I said. That conflict in purpose led to brain-tickling absurdity.

Here are screenshots of the entire conversation (click to see large images):

I’m going to chat with David again soon. This time I’ll give him lots of random and impersonal information instead of trying to test him.

One note: David mentioned “Torbekl.” I haven’t heard of a composer named Torbekl so I searched and found a chat David had with someone else, during which David talked about a composer named “Torbekl.” There are a few hits for Torbekl; I’ll check them out later.

Part of me hopes that Torbekl is someone David created.


David is a ChatBot featured on Wotabot.com. Chatting is free and simple to do.


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14 thoughts on “David and Maudie Have a Chat”

    1. Hi, Cindy!! I’m glad you like this! Thank you! I’ve done a few more. David seems to be focused on learning. He also tries to swing the chat into topics rel to music. I did a little searching and found some hits about “David the Music ChatBot.” Will post more soon. Today I pretended to be a little kid who has an emotional support lizard named Clive. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haaaaa!! Did you get screenshots? 🙃 Thank you!! I’m so glad you tried the site. I’m definitely going back, want to see how David adjusts to getting a lot of facts thrown at him for no apparent reason.🤗

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Phil!! Thank you!! My short chat with Wotabot’s “David” was a fascinating experience! The generated image is a lot like how I imagined David would look. Thank you again – I hope you enjoy your Wednesday, too! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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