Good News! “Blocks and Dots”

“Blocks and Dots” – Available on ©️Robin King (click through image to see more)

Here’s the news:

A few weeks ago I figured out how to draw tileable patterns by hand on the Sketchbook app. Yay! The images were too small for Redbubble’s products so I moved the files to Photoshop Elements and created new designs by using the pattern files as building blocks for larger ones.

“Blocks and Dots” was the first. I like it on all of the Redbubble products (including kids’ clothes) but my special favorite is the comforter, above.


“Blocks and Dots” is available in my Shop on Redbubble. 

“Blocks and Dots” (©️Robin King)

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Robin King

Bright Colors, Textures, & Faces

5 thoughts on “Good News! “Blocks and Dots””

  1. This looks really impressive as a bed spread/ duvet cover! I like the way you present your images as they would appear as products, it really brings them to life and shows their potential. I think you’ve come up with some very nice designs.

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    1. Hi!! Thank you very much! Re the product images: I take screenshots on my Shop pages, then add text using the Phonto app (free.) It’s easy, and I like how doing it may help viewers visualize the design. I’m glad it caught your eye that way! Thank you again!! 🥰

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