“Blep” – Work in Process – ©️Robin King

Wait! If you don’t know what a “blep” is, go here for the definition because otherwise some of this post won’t make sense: https://www.dictionary.com/e/slang/blep/.

The in-process image above is the paper collage I’m working on today. It began life in November (2022). I had other pieces to do at the time so I decided to temporarily shelve it, unfinished. This is what it looked like when I put it away:

Cut/Torn paper face, work in process (©️Robin King)

You may recognize the digital collage I created using the photo above as the base image:

Digital collage ©️Robin King

Now it’s February, and for the past two weeks I’ve been struggling with “creative direction” (what I love doing versus what I can do that is likely to sell). Today I decided to stop struggling and just enjoy playing with paper again.

So…I found that unfinished paper collage and went back to work. And, five minutes in, I suddenly noticed the BLEP! The previously blah face had something to say, a reason for its existence!


A little process information:

When I do paper collages I usually rip the pieces but occasionally make clean cuts for definition. Most often, my plan is to fully cover the ground with colors and textures that gradually form a structure. But “Blep” had a basic structure (a face) already because when I started it last year – before it was “Blep” – I wanted a face immediately. So this experience is slightly different. I’ll use both strategies in the future.

The paper that I tear/cut comes from old advertising circulars, discarded wrapping paper, brochures, and pieces of mulberry paper from “Scrap Packs” sold by “Blick Materials.” I use liquid glue and glue sticks for the adhesive. Usually, the ground is a piece of discarded cardboard but sometimes a canvas board or a stretched canvas. “Blep” is on sheet of cardboard I saved from a box of canned cat food.

Here’s a detail from “Blep:”

Detail from “Blep” – Work in Process ©️Robin King

It’s easy to see the mulberry paper fibers in the photo above. My choice of adhesive is partially dictated by what I want those mulberry paper fibers to do. Liquid glue allows me to move and place the fibers where I want them. Sometimes, if I twist the fibers they untwist in the glue and make shapes on their own. That’s exciting! Glue sticks require some planning because once the glued fibers land on the ground they resist movement. I enjoy using both methods.


So there it is, the story behind “Blep.” It has a long way to go before it’s finished. When it’s done I’ll scan it, probably do a little editing to the image file, then upload it to my Shop on Redbubble.

Here’s another cut/torn paper piece that’s already there:

“Bats at Sunset” ©️Robin King

It’s called “Bats at Sunset” and is available on the full range of Redbubble products.


From WordPress: “Write about your first computer.”

My first computer? It looked like this one:

Yes, my first computer was a Timex-Sinclair 1000 and it was a long time ago. I think I bought mine in the early 1980’s, probably when they first appeared on shelves.

Was I a gamer? A student? No. I just wanted to learn how to “write BASIC.” I didn’t really know what that meant when I bought the thing so I was happy to find a book about it. A few weeks later I was cranking out little programs. But then someone told me about a newer, more powerful cyberwhatsit from Commodore so I gave away the Timex-Sinclair and moved on.

Hmmm…how many computers have I owned so far in my life? If you include smartphones, tablets, and laptops it’s seventeen. The various manufacturers are: Timex-Sinclair, Commodore, Gateway, HP, Samsung, and Apple. I switched to Apple in 2006 (after two “kernel panics” and one “fatally corrupted registry”) and have remained with them ever since.

Sick of Winter?

“Pastel Power” ©️Robin King (Click image for more)

Snow? Dark days? Icy winds? If you’re tired of winter maybe some “Pastel Power” can help.

I normally prefer to work with fully saturated colors, the kind that make your eyes tingle.

But in the dreariness of winter, beautiful pastels can whisper “Spring is around the corner!” and promise us sweetly-scented blooms nodding in warm breezes.

That’s why I’m excited to share this Art Deco-inspired “Pastel Power” design now — on the full range of Redbubble’s products (including home decor, pet products, clothing, device accessories, puzzles, and prints).


Street Photography: Flowery Trash

©️Robin King

When I shot the photo above in 2008 I wondered which had arrived on the ground first. The trashed bottle? Or the azalea flower? Had they they travelled together in gust of wind and decided to rest on the bed of dead leaves before continuing on their way? I decided to keep walking and pick up the bottle on my return trip. But when I did, minutes later, the bottle was gone.


You can find more flower photography in my Shop on Redbubble.

Street Photography: “The Old House in the Trees”

“The Old House in the Trees” (@Robin King)

“The Old House in the Trees” is one of my favorite “street” photographs. I shot it with a small camera, long ago. To get the picture I had to pull my car off the narrow, shoulder-less, two-lane, hilly, twisting road and crunch my way through snow for a safe place to stand. When a delivery truck approached at the top of the hill I could see that my car would block its passage. I waved and smiled. The driver pointed at my car. I held up my camera and smiled again. The driver checked his rear view mirror, turned on his flasher lights, got out of his truck, and stood in the street to stop any other traffic from bothering me. I took a few shots, different angles and lighting, then thanked him. He waited patiently while I got back into my car and pulled back onto the road. We both waved, and I left.


The last time I did much “street photography” was ten years ago. I’ve started again and will share my progress here. In the meantime, if you’re interested you can find some of my photography and photographic manipulation in my Shop on Redbubble.

“Tropical Nights”

Click for larger image and more information
“Tropical Nights” Abstract pattern (©️Robin King)

Ocean waves glow in soft moonlight, warm breezes dance through the palms.


“Tropical Nights” was inspired by memories of Barbados. You can find this abstract image on the full range products (including prints) in my Shop on Redbubble.

“Cracked Colors”

“Cracked Colors” – Click through to see larger image (©️Robin King)

“Cracked Colors” is a digital painting that I originally planned to restrict to a blue-purple-pink palette, but it soon burst out of those constraints and went wild with all the colors of the rainbow. Sometimes art has a mind of its own – and I LOVE BRIGHT COLORS!


You can find “Cracked Colors” in my Shop on Redbubble on an array of products, including bags, home decor, accessories, cards, and prints.

©️Robin King