From WordPress: “Write about your first computer.”

My first computer? It looked like this one:

Yes, my first computer was a Timex-Sinclair 1000 and it was a long time ago. I think I bought mine in the early 1980’s, probably when they first appeared on shelves.

Was I a gamer? A student? No. I just wanted to learn how to “write BASIC.” I didn’t really know what that meant when I bought the thing so I was happy to find a book about it. A few weeks later I was cranking out little programs. But then someone told me about a newer, more powerful cyberwhatsit from Commodore so I gave away the Timex-Sinclair and moved on.

Hmmm…how many computers have I owned so far in my life? If you include smartphones, tablets, and laptops it’s seventeen. The various manufacturers are: Timex-Sinclair, Commodore, Gateway, HP, Samsung, and Apple. I switched to Apple in 2006 (after two “kernel panics” and one “fatally corrupted registry”) and have remained with them ever since.

What Happens After Vectors?

Now I know what happens after vectors!

A while ago I worked at using vectors to make images (using the Amadine app) for Redbubble products. The results weren’t particularly useful because even though I made a few pieces I was stymied by how to upsize them properly for use on Redbubble. Yesterday I found the solution. There are probably more direct ways to accomplish the same thing but this worked and that’s wonderful.

Here’s the original (and uninspiring) vector image – I drew with Amadine:

Original size: 800×800 pixels

It’s a mishmash of shapes and at 800×800 pixels it’s too small to be much use on Redbubble. But that’s not a problem when the image is a vector because they can be safely upsized.

To begin, I opened the Amadine file (for the above image) in Vectornator. Using Vectornator I enlarged the image to 3000×3000 pixels and exported it as an “.svg” file to Adobe Photoshop Elements, where I selected and copied it. Then I opened a new file at 6000×6000 pixels, into which I pasted four copies of the enlarged image. After that, I reoriented the four copies so that they would form this more interesting and easily repeated image (shown on a floor pillow):

“Dancing Yellow” ©️Robin King @artbyrobinking

If you’re wondering why I want to “repeat” an image, here’s the reason: some of the products offered for sale on Redbubble have dimension requirements that are very large. Repeated patterns make sense as one solution and can be exciting to design. I’ll be making more, with vectors!

Click the images below to see a page with additional configurations of “Dancing Yellow.”

. “Dancing Yellow” (@Robin King @artbyrobinking)
“Dancing Yellow” (@Robin King @artbyrobinking)
“Dancing Yellow” (©️Robin King @artbyrobinking)