From WordPress: You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

Travel? Now? No. When I can pilot my own personal spaceship I’ll zip around the universe, peek into a wormhole or two. Otherwise? No, thank you.

“When Wormholes Collide” ©️Robin King

“When Wormholes Collide” is a digital collage available as prints (and on other products) in my Shop on Redbubble. I’m trying to earn money for that spaceship…😂


(Note: According to RB, dates are not final and may be subject to change)

Redbubble’s 16th birthday is approaching and, to celebrate that, they’re having a site-wide sale.

They’ve changed a lot over those sixteen years, in mostly good – sometimes excellent! – ways. But, like other teenagers, their recent decisions can baffle and disappoint observers.

However: I’ve been there since the beginning and plan to stick with them, making adjustments as I’m able.

One adjustment was a big one. I decided to “re-brand” my Shop (and me). How? New avatar, new header, and a clear-out of posted work that doesn’t fit with Redbubble’s new customer base or their new business plans. I’ve made changes in this WordPress site, too.

While I have no plans to attempt making fan art or more age-skewed pieces, I am going to focus on digital and traditional collage work, the bright colors/textures I love, and custom-made paper fonts.

If you have a Redbubble Shop and don’t usually read their financial reports you may want to take a look at this one because the topics discussed represent substantive changes:

Click to access 1HFY23-Results-Conference-Call-Transcript.pdf

If you don’t want to click on that link, here’s the page it came from:

Oh! One last thing for now. Here’s part of my new Shop look:

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“Pitch” (Click to see larger image)

“Pitch” is a digital/traditional collage comprised of several closeup and macro photographs, and scans of painted cut paper letters. It’s the first of my new ELEMENTS OF MUSIC series.

If you look closely you can see portions of my chromatic pitch pipe (circa 1968).

Creating this image was pure joy for me. I loved working with these colors and shapes, and enjoyed shooting the photos. It’s been a long time since I’ve done macro or closeup work so there was a short re-learning curve.  Making the letters for the word pitch fun, too, because I cut them before painting them with tempera sticks. What a happy mess! But the letters look exactly the way I imagined them: not quite perfect. Pitch can be affected by many factors (like temperature and humidity) and is frequently less than “perfect.” That’s one of the challenges in creating music and I wanted to include it in this visual exploration of pitch.

I used Photoshop Elements and Pixelmator Pro to create, blend, paint, and edit the 17 in-process layers that eventually formed the finished piece.


To see “Pitch” and more MUSIC images, click through to my “Music Collection” on Redbubble.