Street Photography: Flowery Trash

©️Robin King

When I shot the photo above in 2008 I wondered which had arrived on the ground first. The trashed bottle? Or the azalea flower? Had they they travelled together in gust of wind and decided to rest on the bed of dead leaves before continuing on their way? I decided to keep walking and pick up the bottle on my return trip. But when I did, minutes later, the bottle was gone.


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Street Photography: “The Old House in the Trees”

“The Old House in the Trees” (@Robin King)

“The Old House in the Trees” is one of my favorite “street” photographs. I shot it with a small camera, long ago. To get the picture I had to pull my car off the narrow, shoulder-less, two-lane, hilly, twisting road and crunch my way through snow for a safe place to stand. When a delivery truck approached at the top of the hill I could see that my car would block its passage. I waved and smiled. The driver pointed at my car. I held up my camera and smiled again. The driver checked his rear view mirror, turned on his flasher lights, got out of his truck, and stood in the street to stop any other traffic from bothering me. I took a few shots, different angles and lighting, then thanked him. He waited patiently while I got back into my car and pulled back onto the road. We both waved, and I left.


The last time I did much “street photography” was ten years ago. I’ve started again and will share my progress here. In the meantime, if you’re interested you can find some of my photography and photographic manipulation in my Shop on Redbubble.

Snow? Not yet!

“Snowball Hiding Under a Sunny Bench” ©️Robin King

There was a light frost this morning so I thought I’d share this little peek at what’s around the corner. Snow!


“Snowball Hiding Under a Sunny Bench” is available as prints and on products in my Shop on Redbubble.



“Pitch” (Click to see larger image)

“Pitch” is a digital/traditional collage comprised of several closeup and macro photographs, and scans of painted cut paper letters. It’s the first of my new ELEMENTS OF MUSIC series.

If you look closely you can see portions of my chromatic pitch pipe (circa 1968).

Creating this image was pure joy for me. I loved working with these colors and shapes, and enjoyed shooting the photos. It’s been a long time since I’ve done macro or closeup work so there was a short re-learning curve.  Making the letters for the word pitch fun, too, because I cut them before painting them with tempera sticks. What a happy mess! But the letters look exactly the way I imagined them: not quite perfect. Pitch can be affected by many factors (like temperature and humidity) and is frequently less than “perfect.” That’s one of the challenges in creating music and I wanted to include it in this visual exploration of pitch.

I used Photoshop Elements and Pixelmator Pro to create, blend, paint, and edit the 17 in-process layers that eventually formed the finished piece.


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