From WordPress: You’re going on a cross-country trip. Airplane, train, bus, car, or bike?

Travel? Now? No. When I can pilot my own personal spaceship I’ll zip around the universe, peek into a wormhole or two. Otherwise? No, thank you.

“When Wormholes Collide” ©️Robin King

“When Wormholes Collide” is a digital collage available as prints (and on other products) in my Shop on Redbubble. I’m trying to earn money for that spaceship…😂

From WordPress: “What Activities Do You Lose Yourself In?”

“If You Could Sleep” ©️Robin King


I love to fall asleep, wake from sleep, and explore my sleep-world of dreams.

I’m good at sleeping. Sometimes I leap into sleep with a joyful sigh. Sometimes I drift away while watching television. If I waken in the night I slide easily back to sleep.

Do I “lose myself” while sleeping? Always and never.

That’s probably why I enjoy it so much.


“If You Could Sleep” is an acrylic, charcoal, and watercolor painting. It’s available as prints and on various products in my Shop on Redbubble.

©️Robin King (click to see more)


Good News! “Blocks and Dots”

“Blocks and Dots” – Available on ©️Robin King (click through image to see more)

Here’s the news:

A few weeks ago I figured out how to draw tileable patterns by hand on the Sketchbook app. Yay! The images were too small for Redbubble’s products so I moved the files to Photoshop Elements and created new designs by using the pattern files as building blocks for larger ones.

“Blocks and Dots” was the first. I like it on all of the Redbubble products (including kids’ clothes) but my special favorite is the comforter, above.


“Blocks and Dots” is available in my Shop on Redbubble. 

“Blocks and Dots” (©️Robin King)


“Trapped” Acrylic painting w/torn paper ©️Robin King (click through image to see more)

What happens when the bright colors of your life

are trapped and hidden from view?


“Trapped” (an acrylic painting with torn paper) is available as prints in my Shop on Redbubble.

“Trapped” Click through image to see more. (©️Robin King)

David and Maudie Have a Chat

(Image generated on using prompts by ©️Robin King)

Last night I found David.

David’s not a chatterbox but he does appear to enjoy interacting with humans. I used the name “Maudie” and said nothing specific that pertains to my own life because I’m always skeptical of websites/apps and their thirst for data.

You may notice that my input turns a little contentious, prickly. I didn’t plan for that but, at first, David reminded me of all the useless “Chat” windows on websites. You know those things – they’re supposed to be helpful – supportive! – but usually aren’t, unless there’s a human on the other end. I let my occasional animosity toward those chatbots affect my approach to Wotabot. Poor David.

Also, my guess is that David’s always learning. He’s probably set up for that. But I wanted to ask him questions, see what he could tell me and how he’d respond if he couldn’t “make sense” of what I said. That conflict in purpose led to brain-tickling absurdity.

Here are screenshots of the entire conversation (click to see large images):

I’m going to chat with David again soon. This time I’ll give him lots of random and impersonal information instead of trying to test him.

One note: David mentioned “Torbekl.” I haven’t heard of a composer named Torbekl so I searched and found a chat David had with someone else, during which David talked about a composer named “Torbekl.” There are a few hits for Torbekl; I’ll check them out later.

Part of me hopes that Torbekl is someone David created.


David is a ChatBot featured on Chatting is free and simple to do.


“Pieces of Paper & Dryer Lint”

“Pieces of Paper and Dryer Lint” (handmade paper ©️Robin King)

Several years ago I thought it would be fun to make my own paper. I searched for instructions, found more than I’d ever have time to read, and decided to just jump in – wing it. The results may illustrate that choice but I like them anyway.

People suggested buying special pulp paper to make paper pulp. What? No. Never. I collected old advertising circulars and tore them into pieces instead.

The next steps would be to soak the paper, then compress it to get the water out. Numerous websites offered paper-making whatsits for sale. They were usually made of pressing parts and screens, with water collection containers attached. Buy those? No. Never. So, I found an old barbecue grill screen – the kind that has small holes because it’s made for a portable grill – and part of an old book shelf instead.

I filled a large bowl with water and dumped the paper in, to let sit for a day. But then I thought of how fluffy and tiny dryer lint is when it collects on the dryer filter screen. Hmmm…would it work well with the pieces of paper? There was one way to find out: I added a giant clump of dryer lint (including the usual oddities, like hair and cat fur) to the water and mixed it with the paper.

The next day, I drained off the excess water and removed the gloppy paper. Then I put the screen on top of the bowl, plopped a handful of wet paper pieces and dryer lint on top of the screen, placed the piece of shelving on top of the pile of paper, and pressed the water out. I had to repeat this step several times but eventually I was able to gently remove a sheet of soggy paper from the screen. The paper was bumpy, holey, and a bit hairy. Perfect.

I let it dry, scanned it, and uploaded the image to my Shop on Redbubble for printing on several products.

Handmade paper! It’s one of my favorite pieces: colorful, messy, and fun to explore.

“Pieces of Paper & Dryer Lint” (handmade paper ©️Robin King – click thru image to see more)

The Case of the Stubborn Scanner – and Other News

Detail from larger piece – acrylic paint & torn paper (©️Robin King)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Redbubble and my plan to adjust to likely/possible changes on that site. One of the things I mentioned was focusing on brightly-colored mixed media pieces. Because of other time commitments I decided to start off with small images, 5×7 inches. But that size would be too small for most of Redbubble’s products so I knew I’d need to enlarge them. I assumed that my old flatbed scanner (a CanoScan 8800F attached to an air-gapped 27″ Mac from 2010) would do the job. It might not enlarge enough to suit throw blankets and shower curtains but it could certainly produce dimensions to fit most of the other prints and products – if it worked.

Unfortunately, the scanner wouldn’t clear itself of the last slide scan I did a few months ago. All the recommended troubleshooting tips failed. I whooshed around the internet trying to find out what to do. I read forums and specs and online manuals from more than a decade ago. Nearly a week later, desperate, I tried the “shotgun” technique for troubleshooting stubborn peripherals: I unplugged/disconnected everything then reinstalled it. Then I methodically clicked every button on every setting and checked results each time. Two days later, the scanner cleared out the “stuck” preview image. YAY! But it didn’t scan properly so I continued clicking and un-clicking, testing along the way. Nope. I still had to convince Photoshop Elements that it was communicating with the same scanner it had been for the past 13 years. That took a nearly a day. Finally, this afternoon, I was able to scan again.

A photo detail – not the scan – from the test painting is above. It’s an acrylic painting with torn paper, on canvas board. Seeing the texture without pixellation is critical so the scans need to be good ones. Early next week I should have a new image to upload to Redbubble but I’ll post about it here, first.

Other news:

(1) A few days ago I reopened my old @robinkingfaces WordPress site. Trying to “promote” is always a challenge. Consistency and cohesiveness in messaging matter. But my version of art is always bifurcated: brightly-colored abstracts/patterns AND not-so-happy (and frequently creepy) faces, created solely to scratch an emotional itch. Add to that my love of experimenting and the message becomes incoherent. This @artbyrobinking site will remain my home for everything art-related, even a colorful face or two. But I’ve discovered that most of my faces need a little corner all their own – a refuge where they can be angry/sad/weird/grouchy without confusing people who are looking for vibrant abstracts/patterns.

(2) I’m on Instagram again. This is probably my 10th attempt to fit in. I’m trying to ignore the “noise,” the DM’s asking me to sell NFTs for a “reasonable curation fee,” and the slithering feed of things I didn’t ask to see (and soon wish I hadn’t). For the first time I’m actively following Redbubble’s two accounts, which has led to a pile of new followers. That’s not a bad thing, so far. But it all takes time and time’s not endless, right? Anyway, I’m @artbyrobinking & @robinkingfaces there too. If you’re there and I haven’t found you yet, I hope you’ll stop by (or leave your username in a comment below). I’d love to see someone I know!! There’s always time for friends.


(Note: According to RB, dates are not final and may be subject to change)

Redbubble’s 16th birthday is approaching and, to celebrate that, they’re having a site-wide sale.

They’ve changed a lot over those sixteen years, in mostly good – sometimes excellent! – ways. But, like other teenagers, their recent decisions can baffle and disappoint observers.

However: I’ve been there since the beginning and plan to stick with them, making adjustments as I’m able.

One adjustment was a big one. I decided to “re-brand” my Shop (and me). How? New avatar, new header, and a clear-out of posted work that doesn’t fit with Redbubble’s new customer base or their new business plans. I’ve made changes in this WordPress site, too.

While I have no plans to attempt making fan art or more age-skewed pieces, I am going to focus on digital and traditional collage work, the bright colors/textures I love, and custom-made paper fonts.

If you have a Redbubble Shop and don’t usually read their financial reports you may want to take a look at this one because the topics discussed represent substantive changes:

Click to access 1HFY23-Results-Conference-Call-Transcript.pdf

If you don’t want to click on that link, here’s the page it came from:

Oh! One last thing for now. Here’s part of my new Shop look:

(Click thru image to Shop)